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Birthdate:Apr 29
Location:Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States of America
I've written fan fiction for different fandoms for several years - it's something that I absolutely love. The last several months it's been all House MD, but lately I got into Torchwood, and save for the end of season (or series) three, that show won my heart. Not that I'm going to watch without Ianto, but I've decided that he cannot stay dead forever - they'll bring him back for something eventually. And I'm nothing if not patient.

As for about me, specifically, I'm a gay girl, living in the Bible belt, closeted from my family, but out to my friends. I love sharp and clever dialogue, and not to be conceited, but I really do have awesome taste. I spend most of my time either at work (doing nothing, truly) or at home, probably smoking up. I'm closer to my family than anyone can imagine, despite the Big Secret, and would quite cheerfully lay down my life for my sister or my niece.

Oh, and I have a dog, Toby, who is a genius.
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